Eng. Rakan Al-Anezi, Est.
For Cooling & Heating of Water Reservoirs

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Provision of Water Chillers

Our main task is to provide high quality equipment for cooling of different water systems & reservoirs of various sizes.

Our services extend to the installations, warranty duration & beyond, after-sales services, regular/urgent maintenance, and provision of all related spare parts in parallel with internal & external miscellaneous devices & components.

We always have the readiness to respond to any emergency or malfunction that may arise to your devices, and when we feel a repair or a certain maintenance will take prolonged times, we are fully committed to provide alternative temporary water chillers for our clients until we can fix their water device/s.

In many cases, most of our clients do have more than a one water chiller, because their water reservoirs are either large in volume and/or water consumption is/are high which necessitate the installation of more than one single equipment.

Number of water chiller installations do depend upon water tank capacity, number of users, miscellaneous uses, and hourly/daily consumption.

For information: We have water chillers that are used for drinking cold water & in large quantities, depending upon our clients needs & requirements.