Eng. Rakan Al-Anezi, Est.
For Cooling & Heating of Water Reservoirs

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For preserving water temperature for more prolonged durations, we are on the installation of thermal insulation on the tanks, and we insulate them with fiberglass  insulation, wrap them with cotton cloth & apply rubber coating, so the reservoir retains water temperature (according to the seasons) for as long period as possible, and to reduce the running frequency of the machine which in turn reduces energy consumption.


Insulation is a top necessity to water tanks; it prevents the heat of the sunrays from penetrating the surfaces of the tanks, and results in increasing or decreasing the water temperature inside the water reservoir, “depending on both, summer or winter season”.


In summer or winter seasons, ambient environmental temperature functions as counter & opposite forces for the water chiller’s operation. Sunrays penetrate water tank wall surfaces & result in increasing the water temperature inside the water tank that has been coold by the water chiller/s.


The same principle applies in winter season as surrounding cold weather conditions result in decreasing the water temperature that has been heated. Hence, insulation becomes an urging demand & requirement.